The Journal  of  Human Sciences

2001, Vollume 1, Issue 1 pp. 73-76

Thea Tchkheidze

Mzia  Andronikashvili  -  80th birthday celebration


       Prof. Mzia Andronikashvili is an incisive researcher of linguistic relations between Georgia and Iran. She has reviewed Georgian-Iranian historical and political relations in various periods and has analyzed in detail linguistic contacts in the ancient, medieval and modern epochs. She has found and analyzed Iranisms which entered and stayed in the Georgian language from Old Persian, Avestian, Midian, Scythian-Alanian-Ossetian, Parthian, Mid-Persian and New Persian. She has written a fundamental work on the subject entitled «Studies of Iranian-Georgian Linguistic Relations» (vol. I Tbilisi 1966 and vol. II Tbilisi 1996). The publication provides phonetic equivalencies and etymological analysis of words. It is important both for Kartvelologists  and iranists, since there are cases when a word exists in Georgian, but has been lost in \/^ Iranian. For example, a proper name Archil < «ariya cira» - «of Iranian ancestry», must have been a part of Iranian proper names (comp. ariya-bazu; ariya- kama, etc. or manus c r/ra - showing that both components have been used in anthroponyms), but was lost and has been preserved in Georgian.