The Journal  of  Human Sciences

2001, Vollume 1, Issue 1 p. 62-67

David  Kldiashvili

The Royal Flag and Arms of  United Georgia


 In the XIIth-XIVth centuries in Georgia, like in the countries of  classical heraldry in western Europe, national symbols (belonging to the nation) were distinguished from the royal symbols. According to Georgian historiography the appearance of Georgian royal symbols is attributed to  King David IV Agmashenebeli (1089-1126). The figure of his arms was a white horse with horns Ė the symbol of the Virgin Mary. As for the background of the armsí shield it was black, characteristic of the Bagrationi dynasty. Later, red colour was added. In the later Middle Ages biblical Davidís lyre and catapult were depicted on the black background of the armsí shield, and on the red background denoting the social rank of the royal regalia.

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