The Journal  of  Human Sciences

2001, Vollume 1, Issue 1 pp. 56-61

Nino Sulawa

Urartic fibulae in Georgia


Two-part curved fibulae are described, which strongly resemble Urartic examples. Most of them were found in E. Georgia  (Darchieti, Azkuri, Samtavro, S.Ossetia, Dvani, Oshora, Grmakhevistavi), only two curves from W. Georgia (Mukhurcha, Shorapani). The Urartic fibulae discovered in Georgia fall into two categories: one with a curved part of round cross-section (Type I), and the other with a flattish curve (Type II). They were dated seventh-sixth centuries B.C. In this period one-piece curved fibulae were already being produced in the territory of Georgia and we can even name the centres of production (Abkhazia, Ratcha, Shida Kartli, Borjomi Gorge). Nuances of shape are  described, which distinguish Georgian fibulae from those of other countries.The recognition of this distinctive group of Urartic fibulae provides evidence of a second source, apart from the Aegean world, whose production was centred on the coast of Abkhazia (Akhali Atoni, Psirzkha).