The Journal  of  Human Sciences

2001, Vollume 1, Issue 1 p. 37-43

Irakli Surguladze

On the Ancient Religion of the Georgians


I. Javakhishvili was the first to explore early Christian religion to find out  the historical and ethnological sources of the oldest astral seven led by the local moon divinity.
V. Bardavelidze discovered more archaic triada, traces of which seem to be present on the frieze of  the middle bronze goblet from Trialeti, representing the meeting of destinies.
Parnavazi, the first King of Iberia, instituted a new state religion with the Asia Minor lunar divinity Armazi as its main god, presumed a variety of Ahura-Mazda until the most recent times. The latest researches contest the Iranian origin of Armazi.
The analysis of the functions, accessories and regalia of Armazi, as well as  analysis of the cult of Armazi companion gods reveal local belief  -  representation strata, as well as its links with Asia Minor divinities. As a state religion, the pantheon of Armazi represented the state faith and contributed to the consolidation of the country under the leadership of  Mtskheta.