The Journal  of  Human Sciences

2001, Vollume 1, Issue 1 pp. 3-8

Thomas V. Gamkrelidze


Georgian Statehood, Eastern Christianity and the Old Georgian Culture


Inasmuch as Georgia lies in the extreme south-eastern part of «Europe» bordering on the «Asian» part of the Eurasian continent, ancient Georgian culture and civilization naturally constitute a synthesis of Western and Eastern cultures, arising as a result of a merger and symbiosis of these cultures.
Georgian statehood which may be traced back to the Kingdom of Colchis found in the old  Greek mythological tradition and whose historical reality has been corroborated by recent research, has been preserved throughout the ages and gave rise to the unified Georgian Kingdom, later Republic of Georgia. It appeared in the bosom of Eastern Christianity cherished by Byzantine cultural traditions, creating and furthering national scripts and local cultures based on East-West civilizations. Herein lies the uniqueness of Old Georgian material and spiritual culture and its attractiveness both to the West and to the East.