problems, pespectives

2001, Volume 1, Issue 1, p. 42-50

M. Sharashidze, M. Kuratashvili, T. Iosebadze, D. Gongadze

 Psycho-Social Rehabilitation Center, Tbilisi

“Information about the Patient E. Ch.”


For last 20 to 30 years the concept of psychosocial development has been elaborated, based on experience and deep understanding of psychiatric technologies. Today we can already talk not only about the general principles of the treatment of mental diseases, but also about the treatment, care and rehabilitation of patients with schizophrenia. Today rehabilitation means helping a person having problems with mental health so that he or she could adapt to his or her environment following the slightest intervention of professionals, whose efforts should be based on knowledge of the clinical state, psychological peculiarities and social status of the target group. The case presented here is illustrative of the practical application of the concept of psychosocial development to the kind of patients problems which might equally well be of clinical, psychological or social nature.