problems, pespectives

2001, Volume 1, Issue 1, p. 51-54

M. Sharashidze

 Psycho-Social Rehabilitation Center, Tbilisi

Psycho-Social Rehabilitation Center in Georgia


Rehabilitation as a field has passed through several stages in psychiatry:
a. the  “moral support” era;
b. the phase of involvement of psychiatric patients into professional rehabilitation programs, organized through community support;
c. the community-oriented ideology development phase;
d. the psycho-social rehabilitation center “movement” and
e. the skills improvement, technology development, and effective psychiatric intervention phase.
Contemporary psychiatry is unimaginable without such establishments as psychosocial rehabilitation day care centers. This article explores why the open day care center type facility was necessary in Georgia, describes how a new type psychosocial rehabilitation center has been established and discusses the challenges faced by the setting up of different community-based services.